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Today, we decided to create a new AltCoin Pump and Dump Group for our BitcoFarm Community! After the Pump and Dump processes we've been doing for months, we wanted to share our experience and profit with you, with our community!

Here is the description about "How we do Pump and Dump" ?

This is our standard instructions:

- After announcing the coin at our Telegram channel; all of our members will all buy in as quickly as possible. It is important to buy fast, before outside investors get in.

- If we reach enough member and all of them HOLD, it's possible to increase coin value up to %800-1200. We already reached these rates several times with other pump groups.

- Once the price has increased and stabilized, it is important to HOLD and not dump on our other members. Then all of us promote the coin to attract outside investment, which will cause the coin to gain attention and allow all of us to sell at a nice profit.

ATTENTION: It's very important to buy and HOLD to get bigger profit from each pump. After we all bought the coin, we will hold. Then everyone will use social media (twitter,facebook,forums etc) to promote this coin and get more outside investors, this will increase the profit rate more and more and provides stability so every member of this group can make profit.

After we reach enough Telegram subscribers, we'll make our first Pump.

Here is our Telegram Channel:
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